skin / Clef de Peau:LOU:Halloween.GroupGift

hair / TuTy’s – LIMBO Short Wet Hairstyle – BLACK

brows / MOON}. Eyebrows

eyeliner / –Glam Affair– Colorful Eyeliner (Black)

eye / [ContraptioN] Wide-Sight Eye @Uber

teef / [ContraptioN] Death’s Smile mask @Uber

septum piercing / Amala – The Sadie Septum Ring – Onyx

earrings / (epoque) Pearl Fret Earrings – Obsidian

hat . veil / [ContraptioN] Memento Mortis Veil @Uber

collar . dress / Baiastice_Dahlia dress-black @Uber

gloves . claws / Baiastice_Long gloves with claws-black @Uber

tattoos / *Bolson / Tattoo – Casanova


1st pose / -slouch- pose308

2nd pose / -slouch- pose193 *modified a bit*

3rd pose / Del May – Self grope

4th pose / Del May – Notice me


dark spirit / Kalopsia – Mystic Spirit @Uber

skulls on the ground / Medieval Fantasy – Mesh Crane and skeleton pile

location / Deadpool

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me in-world.

Thank you.

Oakley Foxtrot♥®

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