Birdy @The Arcade

GOD, I just love this skin sooo much. I mean, to be honest Birdy has someone the best skins in SL. Just look at how unique these beauties are<3 Btw, this is Blair, Birdy’s newest skin and she is for The Arcade starting on December 1st at midnight SLT..which is in about 20 minutes lol. 3 rares and 12 commons up for grabs and with each skin you have a choice of bare, black, blonde, brown or red brows (best brows ever). The skin tones in this gacha are the following: Dusk, Porcelaine, Biscuit, Peaches and Pure. You will also receive appliers for both Slink hands & feet, along with Lola’s & Phat Azz. Each makeup is just absolutely stunning and ugh, I’m in love. So yeah, The Arcade opens its doors in 15 minutes now LOL, I hope you guys are ready for some seriously amazing items 😀 Bai now.


skin: .Birdy. Blair Skin NEW @The Arcade

hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Cho Hair NEW @The Arcade

eyes: {Dead.Apples}

lashes: Candy Mountain – Falsies / Moody

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me in-world,

thank you.


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