Essences @TDR Fusion

New round at TDR Fusion you guys, and I have to be honest.. I’m not really sure when it ends. MY BAD. But Essences has this absolutely lovely skin called Whisper at this round and I suggest you tp on ova and pick up allll three. Whisper comes in (from left to right) brown sugar, sunkissed and light rose. All come with 4 brow options: blonde, brown, brunette and ginger. ALSO, you get a cleavage tattoo layer, eyebrow shape AND an alpha for those annoying system lashes.


skin: Essences – Whisper NEW @TDR Fusion

hair: >TRUTH< Kerri

eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes – Glass

lashes: Candy Mountain – Falsies / Moody

tattoo: Ink’D Up! :Notorious:

If you have any questions AT ALL, please feel free to contact me in-world.


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