Alouette @The Arcade

Scarlet Chandrayaan, the owner of Alouette has really blown me away with her designs lately. Her mesh furniture and anything else she makes is a definite must have. Her items at the June round of The Arcade are simply amazing, and I suggest you ALL go to her machine and buy all the things. GUYS, I wanna say more but I’m running late for work :x. Hope you all have a wonderful day<3 Bai.

Alouette – Tropical Getaway @The Arcade

skin: Pink Fuel – Harley @The Arcade

hair: Wasabi Pills @The Arcade

glasses: Conspiracy Theory @The Arcade

bikini: :Paper.Doll @The Arcade

tattoo: Ink’D Up! :Notorious:

leg tattoos: Actchio. love has many faces tattoo

hammock / palm trees: Alouette – Tropical Getaway @The Arcade

beach radio: .:Standby Inc. @The Arcade

birds: {vespertine} @The Arcade

guitar: .:Standby Inc. @The Arcade

bag: DECO @The Arcade

picnic basket / strawberries: (Elate!) @The Arcade 

What Alessandra is wearing

bikini: :Paper.Doll @The Arcade

hair: Wasabi Pills @The Arcade

skin: Glam Affair

Other thangs

chairs/umbrella/table/fruit/palm trees: Alouette – Tropical Getaway @The Arcade

bag/towels/magazines: Dutchie

If you have any questions AT ALL, please feel free to contact me in-world.


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