♥ I yam blogging with one of my very good friends, Diarmuid Miklos. We love ERMAHGERD talk, puppies, a;lskdfj and no1curr. Also, we look pretty damn awesome in these pics if I do say so myself. And of course I’m sure all of you know about his store (well he has a team) ISPACHI and his amazing art on his Flickr  (like, he’s so good it makes me sick a;skljdf) Also,  I’m wearing so many new things from Glam Affair its not even funny. I really don’t feel like typing anymore..SO START SHOPPING AND LOOK AS COOL AS US.


Dermie did his own version of our picture and its absolutely gorgeous.

What Dermie’s wearing:



antlers[ContraptioN] Hooligan Horns

jacket::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Peacoat_Black NOT MESH

glovesTonkTastic – Protection Gloves

monocle[ContraptioN] Gavin’s Monocle *Gunmetal*

bootsISPACHI Footwear [Leopold Boots] NEW

necklace[[SHADE THRONE]] EL ROSARIO (black wood)

shape – his

What I’m wearing: 

skinGlam Affair – Petal edition [Rei Red] NEW

eyelinerGlam Affair – Glitter Eyeliner [Black] NEW

eyesDead Apples – Sinistre Eyes Horror Edition [Bloodlust]

maskGlam Affair – Inside My Ego Masquerade [Nightmare – Noire] NEW

hairTableau Vivant – Lythrum Hair [Red 3] NEW

antlersGlam Affair – Zoya Headdress [Smoke/White] NEW

tattooInk’D Up! – Notorious

dressShi – Toga Dress [Black]

shape – mine

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