Black Sands

♥@nostos deer So today we have some new thangs that are simply HAWESOME. New skirt from FANATIK, which is at FROST fair for 50% off, DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID? 50% off ohmylawd. Kay, also knew ISPACHI.. the new Laura Boots are hot and so cozy (EDIT, I should mention that the boots come with a HUD, so you get all colors for only 349L al;skdjf). Then the Belleza Noel skin for Fifty Linden Friday. Noel is definitely great for redheads and blondes, but mainly redheads : D Okay, I’m done. Bai.


skinBelleza – Noel Skin FLF

frecklesGlam Affair / Part of Amberly

hairTruth – Sassy 2 / fades pack

eyesInsufferable Dastard – Light Sensitive Eyes / Ice

eyeshadowLa Malvada Mujer – Lou Lou a L’ecole / Noire

eyelashes – REDGRAVE – Eyelashes-39-Luscious

ears – MANDALA – Female Stretched Ears OMIMI

tattoos – Sleepy Bozer – Shibby

sweater[NN] Designs – Mesh Army Sweater / Black

skirtFanatik – Mikro Mini Skirt / Black FROST fair

ringLaGyo – Beehive Ring / Silver

nailsIzzie’s – Claw Nails / Black

bootsISPACHI – Laura Boots / Black COMING SOON

coeur. Shapes

My HAWESOME frand Alexandria Enchanted has just opened up her shape shop and omgah these shapes are soo cute. I’ve been trying to get this blogged for like a day now but my ADD has been kickin’ my ass, but I’m finally doing it so all you guysss can share this greatness with me.


LM and MP



skinGlam Affair – Amberly / Artic

eyesInsufferable Dastard – Mirror Eyes / Green

lashesREDGRAVE – Eyelashes-39-Luscious

hairlamb. – The Big Doll House / Carrot Cakes Pack

tattooAITUI – Heart tattoo

lingerieBlacklace – Adele / Brown Flora Bra Set

feetSlink – Womens Natural Barefeet / Mesh Rigged

Blogger Challenge: Blast from the past

♥  OKAY SO, this is my first Blast From The Past. I wore this outfit 2 years ago and I wanted to redo it and show how my pictures and thangs have changed. My style really hasn’t changed that much tho lol. The only thing different in the skin, because I no longer have the Tuli skin I was wearing in the first picture. BUT YEAH, if any of you bloggers see this and wanna have some fun show everyone some old looks  turned new. : D kbai


skinGlam Affair – Amberly / Clean

make-up – ATOMIC – 2.0 Victim Makeup / Set 1 (Affair) No longer available

eyesDead Apple – Sinistre / Blind Grey

eyelashesREDGRAVE – Eyelashes-39-Luscious

hairelikatira – Details / Carrot Reds

earsMANDALA – Female Stretched Ears OMIMI

hornsIllusions – Cernwn Horns

upper tattoo – aRAWRa ink – Legit Tattoo No longer available

lower tattooActchio – love has many faces tattoo

dressmijn – PALLONCINO – dresses + poses No longer available? I dunno

shoesKookie – MIxMatch Athena No longer available? I dunno

shape – mine

No one can stop us or slow us down


♥ @nostos deer  Totally doing a non-mesh (I typed mush instead of mesh lolll) sorta thang today. We can’t forget all those non-mesh stores you guys, cannot. This plaid button up is from AOHARU and I only found this because I cleaned out my inventory and was like trying stuff on and when I put this on I was all : D. SO YEAH. I’m rockin’ this look.



skinGlam Affair – Renee / Sinless 01 The Arcade Gacha Event

hair/hatChemistry – Lyric / Reds

eyesDead Apple – Sinistre / Blind Grey

glassesUMEBOSHI – Wingding 2.0 specs / PlainBlack

piercingHoD – Omega Nose Gauge Set / Razor

tattoosSleepy Bozer – Shibby

shirtAOHARU – OpenLongShirt / PlaidRed Not Mesh

under shirtartilleri – Billie Biker top / Black&White

pantsCrash Republic – Mesh Skinnies / Black

bootsJ’s – Short Boots Laceup / Black

New Truth / SAKIDE @Frost Fair

New Truth hurr and THEN we hayve some new SAKIDE at the Frost Fair. In no mood to tell you how awesome I look, even tho I do.



skin – Glam Affair – Amberly (Artic)

hair – Truth – Sassy / Fades Pack

eyes – Insufferable Dastard – Mirror / Blue

eyelashes – REDGRAVE – Eyelashes-39-Luscious

ears – MANDALA – Female Stretched Ears OMIMI

upper tattoo – Ink’D Up! – Notorious

lower tattoo – Actchio – love have many faces tattoo

lingerie – SAKIDE – Vintage Glam Panties / White @Frost Fair


This could be anywhere in the world

♥ @ROCHE being all cool and mysterious.



skinGlam Affair – Amberly (Artic)

freckles/beauty marksGlam Affair – Amberly NEW

hairLeLutka – ALICE hair / Light Red NEW

eyesDead Apple – Sinistre / Blind Grey

eyelashesREDGRAVE – Eyelashes-39-Luscious

tattooSleepy Bozer – Shibby @Frost Fair NEW

hornsSensations – Mesh Horns / Old Ram

necklaceKOSH – Adain Necklace / Black

vest/shirtVillena – layered vest #5

pantsVillena – loose pants / Black NEW

bootsJ’s – Short Boots Laceup / Black

Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant @Collab88



Guys, tonight AT MIDNIGHT another round of Collab opens up. I have a couple thangs to show you, that I am shore you are going to love and definitely gonna have to hayve. First we have this GORGEOUS hurr from Tableau Vivant and then the frostbite version of Amberly from Glam Affair (only comes in Europa – make sure you demo first).


My eyes – Insufferable Dastard

My eyelashes – REDGRAVE

My shape – Well..its mine ;alksdfj

Glam Affair – Grazia Necklace @FaMESHed

This absolutely freaking gorgeous necklace from Glam Affair is now on sale at the new cycle of FaMESHed. Its really late/early here and I need sleep. SO, that is all you’re gettin’ from me. JUST GO TO FAMESHED AND BUY ALL OF THESE NECKLACES. kthnxbai.


Back View♥



skinGlam Affair – Amberly NEW

hairClawtooth – Call the Lions / Strawberry Cream

eyes – Insufferable Dastard – Mirror / Blue

eyeshadowMiamai – A Darker Love Eyeshadows the With Love Hunt