The Darkest Nights

Millie is the most awesome lady I know and seriously one of my best friends<3  I think its funny how SHE THINKS she is oh so sweet and innocent HARHAR. Anyways, this was so much fun to do and we were squeeing the whole time.. like, omgah this is so awesome, omgah I can’t wait to plurk this, OMGAH OMGAH. bai OH can check her awesome blog out right HURR


skin – Glam Affair – Ginny (Europia 03) C88

face makeup – Nuuna – makeups v12 female

eyes – Insufferable Dastard – Mutant Eyes/GSP

lashes – Redgrave – Eyelashes-39-Luscious

hair – Magika – Tendency [03]

horns – Illusions – Cernwn Horns

wings – Illusions – Corvus Wings

dress/stocking – bonne chance (BCC) – Angel Black

shape – mine

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